Guess I'm done breeding chickens... got a letter from the city


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May 14, 2008
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My Coop
title says it all.

Just hope you can all pray that I can keep 20 layers for the house.

All the roos and breeding pens have to be gone by Monday evening.

Guess I'll still join in with you all when you incubate on NYD and Easter, I just won't be doing anymore incubating.

Wish I could afford to move.

oh well, que sera, sera.
That sucks

I wish I could move too and have land.

Oh Mahonri I feel so bad for you right now.

This sucks! It just SUCKS!

Ya want I should take out a neighbor or something?

I can't believe you have to give them up.

I have quail. I can send you eggs. And you CAN incubate. Just sell as you go.
Aw, man that stinks! Can you keep any other types of poultry? Wish I could help more. Sending my best wishes

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