Guess the gender (without seeing the comb or wattles)


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Jul 21, 2013
I got stuck with a bunch of roosters, most of which I do not doubt are roosters. This one, though....I'm still holding out hope. Based purely on the feathers, what is your guess? Male or female? This bird is a ten week old Production Red.

My guess is female (emphasis on "guess"). I don't see enough of the saddle feathers, neck feathers or the long tail plumage. I think by 10 weeks, you'd see more black on the tail by now?
Thanks for your replies. This one has a different shape than the others, and the others are starting to get the long dark green (could be black) tail feathers. That's why I'm wondering if this one is really a pullet. Could just be wishful thinking.
I am guessing male, it looks like dark and pointy feathers coming in along the back, especially in the first picture.
I think "it" is a male. The feather coloring is irregular, with patches of darker red. I think that a female would be a more even shade of color, and the feathers would be less pointy.

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