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Mar 13, 2008
East South Central (West KY)
My DH and I are celebrating 32 years of marriage today, and my ever so dear husband just had installed 300+ feet of 6' high chain link fencing with a 10' gate at one end and a 4' gate at the other end.
My girls and guys have a wonderful, grassy, spacious run and can play during the daytime in relative safety (even more safety once I've finished covering it; it's 125' long and approx. 50' wide), and hopefully I've lost my last chicken or guinea to that murdering, thieving coyote or coyotes who've robbed me of 2 guineas, 2 BR pullets just at POL, 3 bantam OEGB BB reds, a Buff Orp hen, a bantam frizzle cockerel, and most recently my absolutely wonderful, never to be replaced, oh I miss him SO much alpha RIR roo Sarge.
I had them in electric web fencing, but the ground is so unlevel no matter how hard I tried, I could not keep sections of it from being "loose" and touching the ground, grounding out. I could touch the connectors at the far end from the energizer and it would just about knock my socks off, but wasn't enough "juice" to deter the chickens from either sticking their heads under it and wriggling under, or the little bantams from just walking right on through it. When the workmen finished and DH and I pulled up the web fencing, the whole gang walked around the perimeter of the fence, -- the turkey was looking up at the top line of the fence, and all the little guys were looking at the bottom edge trying to find a place to get out, the little stinkers! They've been used to coming & going at will during the day (which is when they were getting snatched by the coyote -- I was on the riding lawn mower cutting grass and the guineas were on bug-watch and grass gazing RIGHT BESIDE the pen, not more than 15' from it. I made one pass from back to front yard, turned immediately (ZTR mower) and came right back, and it had snatched my white guinea right there in broad daylight with me cutting grass in the yard...

Anyway, celebrate with me, please, and give your husband/wife some extra affection just because you have them in your life. Have I mentioned how much I love my DH, and not just b/c he had a fence installed? He's the best man in the world for me, and he is a gift from God! (a fact which I'll do my best to remember the next time I get irritated with him!
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What a thoughtful gift, what a wonderful celebration, and kudos to both of you for upholding your commitment to each other and to the sacrament of marriage for 32 years. You are truly blessed.
yes, the time effect is so strange... sometimes it seems like just a couple of years, and sometimes it seems we've been partners for a lifetime.
Looking forward to another 32... or 40... or 60....

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