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12 Years
Jan 27, 2007
southwestern Michigan
I am hoping I am posting this in the right place. Sat on my weekly visits to Freebie's farm I was informed of a new visitor to her flock. Denise's brother spotted it and thought it was a wild turkey! By his discription Denise thought it was a guinea bird. Well someone said while looking down at the barn that the new bird showed up again! I looked out and sure enough it was a guinea bird! I went down to get a closer look. I am sorry I don't have a digital camera so no pics. It was an adult pearl grey guinea. My theory is he escaped or the owners got fed up with him and kicked him out. I am not an expert on guinea but is it normal for them to stray from their own flocks? He/she seems to been accepted by her(Denise) birds. He makes alot of noise always chirping, so I can see why people would get tired of them if they had about 6 of them chirping away all the time ha ha. Maybe her barred rocks think he is just a ugly barred rock visitor. Denise said he roosted in the barn's rafters sat night. I don't know if he is still there yet.

On another note I like to add to this post that their orphan piglets are doing fine. They have been moved to the the chicken nursey. I got to hole one and it squeled so loud I thought it would break my eardrums. They are thriving on the goats milk in a pan. Denise buy goats milk in a powdered form and mixes it with water and heats it up. She told me it costs $11.00 for a gallon! I told her she should buy her own dairy goats for that price.
*oh,yeah! goat's milk is expensive!! It was a lot even 25 yrs. ago when I was having to buy it for my younger son as an infant. Makes you hairy as a goat, too-- If the grown version is any example. . .
yes, we have been adopted, that bird roosted in the barn with the chickens again last night. I don't know how to tell the difference in the boy or girl guineas, so I am not sure if it is male or female. But all seems to be well with it joining the flock. I hope it brings no disease with it. It just came out of the woods and started haning out with them.

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