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  1. I've got a broody!!!! [​IMG] My BR hen named Chili. She's sitting on 11 eggs I set under her at 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon. [​IMG] She's setting on 8 pure RIR's, 2 BR's eggs (because I have another BR hen that is covered by my RIR roo so that'll be BSL chicks if they hatch), & a light blue egg from my champion EE hen (also crossed by my RIR roo). [​IMG]

    I can't wait!!! I haven't had any baby chicks hatch since almost 11 months ago. And I haven't had any baby chicks to watch and take care of since my BR babies were in the brooder in my room. [​IMG] I just love baby chicks. [​IMG]

    Here's the proud mama. This is the most recent picture I have of her.


    *Note* I'll post more pictures of Chili and her eggs as time goes by. And I'll post pictures of her with her chicks when they hatch in 20 days or so. [​IMG]
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    Wonderful! I had an incubator for a while, and I just do not like incubating at I sold it. I'm hoping I'll get a broody next spring...I've got a GLW rooster, but he's not mature enough to mate. Still a little guy.

    Love your BR! I've got one too. She's the roosters girlfriend because they're the same age. LOL

    Hope all goes well for you!

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    Congrats!! Barred Rocks happen to be one of my favorite breed. The majority of my flock is made up of them. They are the best layers I have. Very sociable, too. Good luck with your eggs. [​IMG]
  4. Thanks. [​IMG] I prefer using a broody because you know that the eggs stay the right temputure (<------------- sp?) all the time.
  5. Congratz on your broody! I can't wait for my silkies to mature and get broody. I hear they are terrific! But a dedicated momma of any breed can do the job better than we can with our technology, for sure!
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    Good luck! I have three broody chickens right now and three incubators. I will use my broody hens first.
    Have a happy hatch! [​IMG]
  7. Thanks!! Chili would not come off the nest when I fed the chickens this morning so I had to drag her broody butt off with her squawking in protest. [​IMG] She is so stubborn. But a great mama.

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