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  1. 2 Pairs of Adult Wood Ducks! [​IMG] I have never seen wood ducks on the pond. They are beautiful! [​IMG] Maybe they will nest here, doubtful though as nothing ever does.
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    We have some small ducks and a few mallards visit early each spring -- they don't nest, but it is so fun to see them each spring!!! [​IMG]
  3. RHewitt

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    Wood Ducks are cavity nesters and if your want them to nest you can put up a wooduck box. Plans are easy to find and they take to boxes quit well.
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    If they feel secure and are not bothered and have lots of cover, they might stay. If you can, you might want to put up some duck houses. They like nesting in cavities. I have a wooded creek that runs through my property, but my dogs are always playing in it, so nothing sticks around long. Enjoy them while they are there. They are beautiful ducks. [​IMG]
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    Can you get some pics? Wood ducks are so cool!
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    Oct 14, 2008
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    Neat. We go down to the river in the boonies here and watch bald eagles with the kids. We see all kinds of cool birds down there. My daughter is crazy about birds.
  7. Quote:I was going to, but my camera wont zoom that far. I just checked, and they are gone. Oh well, thought they wouldnt nest, but it was very cool to see.

    I love spring time, thats when all the mallards and canadian geese come to the pond. Most just stay for a day and then leave.
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    Dec 17, 2008
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    Feb 21, 2009
    nice! we used to have a pair of geese each summer and they loved us. they were the nice pair, across the street was the mean pair that would try to attack anything that went near them. they would move on when it got cold and then come back to visit. now we have ducks and we haven't seen them around. we've heard them at the pond across the street though. they would nest here, but there is a fox that would always get their eggs. [​IMG] we never got to see baby canadian geese swimming around.

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