Guessing a weight for goats for wormer

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    I recently just bought 3 ivermectin horse paste syringes at TSC. I need to worm my goats and since they are getting their hooves trimmed next week, it's a good time to do it. I know that you have to triple the dose for goats, but I'm having a hard time guessing weights. I have a Pygmy doe with the classic barrel belly. I can pick her up by myself so I know she's less than 50lbs. The two other does are who I'm puzzled about. They are boer/Nubians. I know most boer does don't get over 100ish lbs. They are typically a normal weight ( sunken in front of hips) but have bulked up lately for winter. I'm currently guessing they are 120- 135ish.

    I'm wondering if I can guesstimate on the wormer. I would give the Pygmy the weight for a 150lb horse and the bigger girls the weight for a 420 lb horse (140x3). Is overestimating their weight going to hurt. The boers have pink eyes but the Pygmy is in between pink and white, so I'd like to get it done soon. I know it has to be redone after 10 days too.

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    From what I've been told Is that medicine in paste wormers isn't mixed well, so if you give them a little over it won't hurt them. That's why you can give a horse a whole tube and it doesn't bother them, unless its a mini or foal of course. Due to certain imunities that they pick up off of wormers. So I'd feel safe with guestimating. :) though if you still have doubts ask your vet or local feed store dealer they usually know.
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