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    I have chicks hatching out of unknown eggs that my dh brought home from work. He brought home 10 dozen. I put in about 7 1/2 dozen. They guy didn't remember what breeds he had, just that they were pure and good layers. However I am not sure that he kept his breeds seperated, so these chicks could be pure or half breeds. My camera is down right now so no pics.

    Chick no. 1
    mingled yellowish chick out of light brown large egg feather footed

    Chick no 2
    Black with spot on it's head resembles baby BR only out of large white egg

    Chick no 3
    Resembles chick no. 2 only out of brown egg (could be just about anything I know)

    Chicks No. 4-7

    All mingled yellow or just yellow out or white eggs(could also be just about anything)

    Rest have yet to make their appearances. I can see about 20 little beaks though!!!
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    pic's would totally help![​IMG]

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