guessing I need to tell ya'll about us


Sep 21, 2019
Hi I'm Michele.. I have over 100 chickens, even 3 live inside the house right now.. I have a variety of breeds.. we live in NW Florida and have been hot since the end of May.. and I mean, hot! have been over 100 everyday at our place.. we also have 3 rescue horses, 11 cattle with one being a new calf as of Tuesday.. we also have 3 fainting goats.. I love my chickens though.. each one with a different personality.. we also are owned by 4 cats, 1 dog right now.. new puppy to come in December.. and a lizard.. we are retired military family that have a small farm.. keeps us very busy.. especially since it is just the two of us and our special needs son.. but we love our farm.. they all keep us busy
Glad to have you join us. Welcome to BYC. Looking forward to interacting with you. Please share some pictures of your flock with us sometime. I'm so jealous that you have that many chickens. Then again, is it possible to have too many chickens? I don't believe so. With that many, I'm sure I'd still be thinking about adding chickens, hahaha!

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