Guinea at neighbors lating eggs!?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by caral07, Apr 22, 2011.

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    My hen have already tyed to set this year and failed due to a wild animal destroying their nest and eggs. They are now laying at the neighbors house by a tree that has blackberry bushes and weeds all around it. It is near a pasture and has about 20 eggs. Although last time they waited till they got nearly70 eggs for 2 of my hens to set. So I wanted to now if there is anything I can do to make them safer when they start to set? Last time I put those night gaurd lights up; however they dont blink in the daytime which was when something got their eggs and destroyed the nest. The tree is about 20ft from her house and its just on the other side of a fence, in which the pasture (which my guineas love) seperates my house from hers. My neighbor has dogs however that stay around her house and know where their setting. I dont think they will bother them because both of them were laying by the nest with two of my girls and thier bf just sitting their with is tounge out breathing hard on this fine sunny day in Louisiana (Plus the dogs have benn around them for over a year and a half now). I however had thought of putting a net or fence around the nest when they go to set but idk whether that would be a good idea? Any suggestions??

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    The problem with trying to fence or pen something out is that it also fences the hen in. She will still need to get out for food, water, potty time. There are really only 2 alternatives. Gather the eggs and move them into the coop and keep the adults locked up to see if they set or take them away and incubate them yourself. If you decide to move them into the coop, use a milk crate or box or something and try to recreate the nest.

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