Guinea Capabilities


5 Years
Jul 4, 2014
Any chance that guineas can be trained to let themselves in and out of the coop via a 6 foot high entrance cut out of the side of a loafing shed? The open side is protected with wire fence, and I would attach a little landing area/shelf for them to get in and out. I would also shut it at night. Or would they be too interested in trying to get in through the fencing at ground level? They are about 3 months old and have been penned outside (in the loafing shed/coop) for the last 8 weeks. Thanks.
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Ah lol, my bad... I came from another forum to this one and thought you were referring to a different species...

Best wishes.
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Mine were caged inside a 30' x 10' chain link dog kennel that is 6' high. After 5 weeks in the cage I released them into the pen. After a few days they learned to fly out and in of the kennel by going over the top. I had a lot of sticks stuck in the corners at varying heights to encourage them to perch and see that they could go over. They return to their dog cage in the pen every night for their snacks. That opening is only 2' x 2'. I think that with time they will learn their doorway for you.

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