Guinea-Chicken Cross-Breeding?

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  1. HidingInTheHenHouse

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Can a male guinea and a chicken hen produce viable young? I have no roosters, and my male guineas are getting old enough that sometimes they chased my hens and try to mate with them. Can anything come from this?
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    I read on another post a while back that it was possible, but they aren't very attractive outcomes...just going by what was posted.
  3. Akane

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    Jun 15, 2008
    It can happen and the result are called guins but it's very rare. First the guinea would have to decide to mate with the chicken which they won't always. Then the egg would have to end up fertilized which they aren't always compatible enough. Then the egg would have to manage to hatch and there's a higher rate of things going wrong when you cross like that so the eggs are less likely to make it to hatching. Sometimes the result is an ugly bird but not always. There are a few companies creating guin by artificial insemination to use as meatbirds. Guin cannot reproduce. Any eggs laid will not hatch.

    Guinea fowl can also mix with peafowl.
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