Guinea dump


8 Years
Oct 13, 2011
STL, Missouri
Someone dumped a Guinea in my front yard today. I have never owned one. I do not know if it's male or female. We do have a flock of chickens. My daughters bantam rooster chased it into a tree. What do they need? Any advice would be appreciated. TIA
guineas can travel quite a ways so maybe it got to your place on its own. They don't need much, they tend to find thier own shelter in trees and such and they forage like crazy. Females and males have different vocal sounds, Females make 1 and 2 syllable calls, Males only make 1 syllable call.
She's still here. I have a feeling she was dumped at a public boat ramp across the highway from my house. We saw a bunch of roosters there last year. She even picked out a nesting box in the coop!
That is so cool. She will be good for you as she chose you and didn't run for the hills trying to get home. Good luck with her and keep us informed. It is such a shame when people dump animals on the side of the road!
Congrats, sounds like she's bonded to you, your flock and your coop! She moved right in, lol. She may even start laying eggs for you, especially if she sees eggs in the nesting boxes. They probably won't be fertile... but Guinea Hens can hold sperm in heir body for up to 14-15 days after their last breeding, so who knows, she may have been bred right before she showed up at your place. If she starts laying right away crack one open and check for fertility... you may get a few fertile eggs from her that you can incubate or stick under a broody Hen!
It breaks my heart to see any animal mistreated. We named her Jenny. She's buddy-buddy with one of my wheaten maran hens. She's not fearful of people. When she sees me working in the yard, she comes right over to hang out.

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