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My ebay guinea eggs came today. 45 total, 33 from CA & 12 from Maryland. Dozen are pearl color French, 33 from CA are Pearl Grey, Lavender, Royal Purple, Violet, Coral Blue, Buff, Chocolate, Slate, White and Pied . I don't know what to expect, but I'm hoping for a lot of different colors.
They're at rest now and go in incubator in the AM. Due to hatch March 26th. Here's hoping, Larry
Thanks. I moved them into the incubator an hour ago, the eggs were @ 58* and 'bator was 99.5*, humidity 70%. Temp. inside dropped to 90.0* with cool eggs being added. Now, hour later, 'bator is up to 97.3* and rising, humidity is 60%. I'm staying close to make sure temp. levels off around 100.0*.
Been reading about some guinea hatches pipping at 25 days and am wondering if 99.0-99.5* rather than 100.0* might correct that short incubating time. Are the keets healthier with 25 day hatch or full 28 as most manuals give as proper time ? Looks like these should hatch between March 23 (25 days) and 26th, the 28 days manuals describe. Larry
I always put mine in the hatcher on day 23 or 24 because they always seem to start to hatch on day 25. I have incubated them temps from 99.0 to 100.2 and they always seem to hatch on day 25 and 26.
Well, all hatched. got a 60% hatch rate. Same for California and Maryland eggs if figure separately. 27 out of 45 set. Looks like we've got five or six different colors from the California eggs.

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