Guinea Feed Suppliment: Mice

keet factory

9 Years
May 24, 2010
I really get a kick out of throwing live mice to a ravenous flock of guineas. The mice get tore up! My guineas have grown accustomed to the taste of blood, and prefer meat over offerings of pellets or grain.

Competition among the flock is fierce, so a dead mouse often changes hands (beaks?) several times before the victor manages to swallow it. The smarter fowl tend to run off with the prize, often at great distances, in order elude covetous rivals in the flock. It takes a few minutes for a guinea to breakup/disembowel a mouse before it can be swallowed.

The best way to catch live mice? I use a trap called the 'Tin Cat'. It costs less than $20 and can be used over and over, sometimes catching a dozen mice in a single night. Mice are a major pest in my pigeon coop, so this has become 'The Final Solution' for my mice problem. No more stinking dead mice under the floor boards from the Decon stick, instead, they have become an important part of a balanced diet for my guineas. It will be a bummer when I finally run out of mice......
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I doubt you will run out of mice! I feed my birds the pinkies I find in the barn when I move something. They do love them.
That's funny!! My chickens will flat out tear up a mouse but my guinea's just let them have full run of the pen. They can't care less if the mice eat out of there feeder or drink out of there waterer. My Buff Orphingtons will not let a mouse out of the coop. They love them.

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