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    Dec 12, 2008
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    ok. i have 4 male and 1 female guinea fowl. yikes! anyway i was wondering what do they do in the spring. like how to they mate. will the males harrass the female or will she pick a mate like birds do. im not sure as this is my first spring having guineas. i cant get rid of the other males because they are my grandpas and he says just let them harrass her she will let them know when she has had enough. and i dont like that so i was asking now so i know.

    oh and why are they chasing each other around and around the yard. it sees like the males are harrassing eachother more then the female. actually they arent really doing anything to the female but why are they running after eachother around and around the yard. they do this for very long periods of time with out stoping. do they ever get tired.

    and where will the female lay her eggs. i got here in july of last year. and she hasnt laid any eggs for me yet. she was only 3 days old when i got her also. but im pretty sure shes old enough to lay now isint she.

    do they go broody and do they actually stay long enough on the nest to hatch the eggs if they go broody. or should i use one of my silkie hens. i know they would love to hatch some eggs.

    anyway thanks to anyone who helps me. buh bye now.
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    Males chase each other during breeding season. They are really funny to watch. It's a dominance thing but the fastest doesn't necessary get the girl. I've had guineas for several years and you don't really see them breeding. They do but you might not see it. The female will lay her eggs most likely in some tall grass (if free ranging). The nests are very hard to find. If you can get her to lay inside that's better. They prefer to lay behind boards instead of the nest boxes. Once she lays around 30 - 40 eggs many will go broody. The problem with a guinea hen sitting on an outside nest is predators. She will sit long enough but something might kill her. If she manages to sit long enough, grab the keets as soon as you discover them. Guinea mom's aren't are brightest. She will walk them through damp grass and soon you won't have any babies. Good luck with your guineas.
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    If you watch them you will notice the hen runs with her head down and male catches her..They do not mate like chickens. More to the side and it is much quicker... Sorry do not want to get too graphic!
    She will hide her nest so if you watch where they go you may find it.. She will be on nest and the male will be near by guarding and waiting for her.
    I have gathered so many eggs this way and managed to hatch them in the incubator.
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    Dec 12, 2008
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    thanks everyone. your all very helpful.
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    Hey, this helped me too. I have 2 white guineas that are chasing each other and being almost mean to 2 pearl guineas. Maybe it is just Springtime.

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