Guinea hens on nest HELP!


8 Years
May 1, 2011
Jasper, Mo
i have two different guinea hens on two different nests. The only problem is one is half a mile away from the house and its by a skunk nest.. If i moved her and her eggs up by the house do you think she would still sit. Or if pined her up a day with eggs and then kept the eggs in there but let her out would she return? PLEASE HELP!
I have never dealt with guineas but I have dealt with chickens for a long time, and if you keep the hen and her eggs together she will still sit on them or you could put her eggs under the other hen. Hope everything works out
She will most likely abandon her eggs if you move them... they are not like chickens in that aspect. And if you pen her up she will most likely go bonkers kicking eggs everywhere. You could get lucky and she may sit on them if you move them, but if you really want keets and you have an incubator I'd suggest taking the eggs, destroying her nest and then hatching the eggs yourself.
i do have an incubator with some guinea eggs in it this will be my 2nd time hatching from it, last time was not sucessful, 78 guineas 15 hatched 5 lived others had leg problems, 24 chicken 3 hatched 1 lived others weren't even develpoed. And i thought the incubator was too rough so now i'm turnng them by hand.

That why i want her them both to sit on eggs. Plus i really need money, but in 4 months ill have 6 silkie hens sitting or laying, but right now there only 2 months.

I just don't no wht to do on so many things!
Take the eggs from the unsheltered nest and slip them under the other hen, unless they went broody at different times.
Whatever you do I hope it works out for you

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