Guinea Newbie with a brooder Q


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6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
I have three guineas, one male and two hens. They are free range every day and by training, I have them cooped every night. Generally, I find the hens nests on the property (5 acres) and incubate the eggs. However, one of my hens has made a nest just off my property and I can't find it. I wouldn't care but she is sitting on it and now refuses to come in at night. My husband says to let her brood the eggs but I fear she and they will present easy target for foxes or Coyotes, even though her wings are not clipped and she can fly. Should I find and coop her or let her be on the nest? I need advice. Thanks.
Even though she can fly, her natural instinct is to protect the nest. If I were you, I would try to find her. Better safe than sorry!
Thanks for the reply, we have found her nest, it was on our property after all, just hidden in tall grass. I guess we're going to incubate the eggs and see what hatches.

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