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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Mistahbue, Aug 20, 2014.

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    Well all 2 dozen survived being in a brood box in the house, to a brood box on the deck and a couple of days in the barn in a dog crate secured with chicken wire after a huge downpour destroyed their wonderful cardboard box condominium on the deck. If I hadn't been so scared and crazy trying to grab them up to keep them from drowning I'd have snapped some photos of drenched keets.

    They are now in a large enclosed run that will be attached to a permanent housing set up for them within the next week or so. Presently covered so they aren't exposed to the thunderstorms we seem to be having daily for some reason.

    Now to the poop question. Somebody has got the runs. Not sure which one because I can only seem to catch the normal poopers in the act.

    I did put some Sav-a-Chick Probiotic in their water - figured it wouldn't hurt the normal poopers. Is this sufficient or do I need to find another medication for them? Since I can pinpoint the culprit I need to dose everyone. I have not seen anyone setting off alone or keeping distance from the flock.

    Pointers? Ideas?


    Also they are 4 weeks old tomorrow. I am in the process of transitioning them from game bird starter feed to growth feed. They get dried meal worms for a treat and while millet. Grass is also introduced. After seeing them literally drenched to the skin earlier this week I realized they are not completely feathered over their bodies -- do they need to stay on the growth feed only or do I need to introduce other food?

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