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5 Years
Sep 11, 2018
Kansas USA
Have you ever had your guineas make a bunch of noise in the middle of the night, but you think that a falling leaf startled them? (I mean come on, any guinea owners know that this happens) Well, they started making a bunch of noise and I thought that all was fine, but then they just got louder and louder and that went on for about 2 minutes before I came out of the shower and rushed to the gun closet to grab my BB gun. Mom asked what I was doing, and in reply, I rushed out the door with the gun and a flashlight. I sprinted to the area where they like to sleep, and they were all gone. One moment they are making as much noise as possible the next they all were quiet and seemed to have dissapered. I only found one of my white guineas but I'm afraid with this snow that it won't survive until morning because of how cold it will get. Of course I tried to catch it but unfortunately guineas are stubborn. After 10 minutes of chasing it around I gave up and went inside. I explained everything to my Mom and she went outside for awhile but turned up with the same results. There were no feathers and we checked everywhere they would have gone. I saw no tracks in the snow, neither predator or fowl. Any ideas?
Yes, i have had my guineas start making alot of noise during the night, usually when they chose to sleep in the trees instead of going in the coop. Almost all of those instances it was a owl preying on them.
Most of those times i will be one less guinea the next day or one guinea with missing feathers or injured.
Just because you dont see what is disturbing them does not mean nothing is or was there.
That does make sense... I went out there this morning and I heard one of my guineas in the bush in front of the door so I looked in it and there was one of my brown ones. so fingers crossed that they will all be okay. I have yet to check and see if the white one survived the night without the warmth of its buddies.

EDIT - I just went outside and I heard a bunch of them. I went to where the sounds were coming and I found them in our smaller coop eating the feed I just put out. I did a head count - 3 brown 1 pearl 2 white - they are all there!
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