Guinea wanders into yard.... seems to like us....


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Jul 28, 2007
Calvin, Oklahoma
Today I heard the strangest sound outside of my window. My first thought was that one of my chickens was hurt. When I went outside to investigate, I found a guinea pacing my fence line. We live in a very small rural town and I don't know of anyone around that has guineas. I figured it would leave after a while, but when I went back out a couple of hours later it was inside my yard......
I threw some scratch out for the others and the guinea came up to eat too.... I'm a little amazed.... Always wanted one...... I'm kinda hoping it stays......

Can someone tell me how to tell if it is a male or female?
Theory is, if the call sound is TWO syllable (described as "pot-rack" or "buck-wheat", it's a female. If the call is only one syllable, it's a male. Hope that helps!

P.S. This has held true with my 3; I got them as young keets and they've all turned about to be female with the 2-syllable call. I love them dearly!
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My guineas travel all over and sometimes if startled they can get separated. Sounds like this 1 got lost and will stay with the chickens usually. I love mine I call them the bullies of the chicken yard. but they are good alarms too when something strange is around. Good Luck with you newest addition.
My friend Freebie had a guinea wander in her yard too last week! It stayed for awhile. I haven't talked to her awhile so I don't know if it still there. The last I heard she said it was being mean to her hens, but she has 3 roos and they must not be doing their job if they let this guinea beat up on their hens. Her birds free range on go to their coop at dark. Is is possible that guineas would mate with chickens? Sometimes I wonder if guineas wander of maybe their owners kick them out. I can imagine a whole flock of guineas would drive me nuts with the constant chattering they do lol.
Listen to find out if this guinea is communicating with others in your area. They'll call out -- LOUDLY -- to their flockmates when they're separated out of sight. Can this one fly? Perhaps it got frightened & flew away from its yard & can't remember how to get back.

Depending on this individual's temperment, it may be happy to join your chicken flock. If it's a hen she may lay eggs for you. Guinea eggs are very tasty but have a thick hard shell that's difficult to crack. But the taste makes it worth the effort!

If you have small children be sure to monitor them around this guinea. As you should with any beaked animal. But some guineas in particular can be unpredictable and cause considerable injury to a child.

Otherwise, enjoy your new feathered friend! We have 4 lavender guinea hens and enjoy their humorous appearance & actions. My boys think they look like something drawn by Dr. Seuss and make a sound that says "butt-crAAck!"
Thanks for all the information....
My chickens free range during the day and go to their coop to roost at night. I went to check on them last night and I didn't see the guinea with them, but this morning around 6 am (on my day off too
) I heard her outside my window. She blends well with my flock because all of mine but one are domineckers.
I haven't heard any others in the area, but I am going to check around in the next few days to see if maybe someone got some new ones.....
My kids were out playing in the yard yesterday and thought that the guinea was very interesting. She didn't get too close though. I will be keeping an eye on them.

Oh yeah... I haven't seen her fly. My chickens have their wings clipped and still find ways to get out of my yard.... (thankfully we live in a very rural area)
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dont worry that guin can fly.i bet he/she was roosting in a tree close by your hens last nite.less i miss my guess that guin is there to stay.
sad to say, I haven't seen the guinea since yesterday morning. I guess she headed on down the road... I do hope she is safe where ever she is.... Maybe she decided to go home...

Now I think I need to get me some of those.....

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