Guineas and Chickens


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5 Years
Mar 24, 2014
I've read that when trying to train Guineas to come home at night, you should leave half the birds in the pen, and they will come back. What if I have only 2 or 3 guineas and a few chickens. Would the Guineas come back for the chickens? Even if thier pen was divided and they never actually came in direct contact with each other?
I have three guineas with my chickens. They all live together in the same coop and the guineas always come back in at night with the chickens. I locked them in the coop they are in now for a few weeks before releasing them and the first night out the followed the chickens into the old coop, no training required! As soon as the chickens were moved over to the new coop, where the guineas had been living before, they followed them in no problems. So, in my experience, they tend to follow the chickens. Of course, mine were also raised by a broody chicken hen, so that may influence the situation.

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