Guineas do not have common sence!


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
they always go broody right on the edge of the road just in the grass and people from the county come and mow that ditch they hit my lavender one on day 26 for the eggs ( didn't find the nest until 5 days later!)

Ill have to make a phone call


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Apr 26, 2010
No, they don't! We have a "starter coop" for the little ones, it has a fenced area that is removable - it butts up to the coop, 3 sides to it. Anyway, hubby moved it the other day to get ready for the new babies to go out and the adults we have walked into the fenced area and couldn't figure out how to get out! It was to funny! Duh...turn around and walk out of it silly birds!
Sorry you lost your hen.


9 Years
Mar 21, 2010
Alta Vista , KS
So sorry to hear about your hen. i think thats why their such easy pray. i had a dog once that killed one of mine and when he did the others just stood around and watched. Im thinking " run dummies!". My dog is gone now. Thank goodness he only got one.

Finn's Mom

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Apr 17, 2010
near Rectortown, Virginia
I'm sorry about your hen.

In my short time with guineas I have also discovered they are strong willed and do not accept change of any sort! Yesterday, after days of regretting not having used rubber shelf liner instead of pine shavings for bedding in the brooder (the keets are fine, it's just that they've started filling up their waterer with shavings 10 minutes after I've cleaned it and I'm over that!) I decided to add the shelf liner at one end of the brooder, just where the food and water were located. I remembered that one time I gave them the purple chick feeder instead of their usual yellow one because I was cleaning it and they went on a hunger strike for 3 hours, SO, I very slowly and carefully cleaned out the end with the waterer, and sprinkled just enough shavings on the mat to gradually blend the shavings end with the water end. They all huddled in the corner with their backs to the cleaned end, as expected, but I thought, surely, the mat is a nice neutral color, same feeder, same waterer, they'll be fine, right?

I had to leave for an appointment that afternoon that would take me several hours to accomplish, being a distance away, but DH and the kids were home. After a couple of hours my husband starts texting me about how they haven't moved from their spot. I can picture him and the kids staring over the edge of the brooder willing them to move. He is convinced at this point they will never move again and die where they are sitting, so when I get home I move the food and the water to the sleeping end (all of 18 inches) where there is a feeding frenzy. I cover up the mat with shavings, and then got up in the night to clean them up again, (in the dark so they can't see) and moved the water and food back to the clean end. In the morning, they didn't even notice the change and were happy as could be in the mat end with no shavings. I know now how to accomplish change, but really, would thay have starved themselves?


10 Years
Apr 4, 2009
Eastern North Carolina
Did you ever notice a Guinea is always on the wrong side of the fence? If they are inside a pen they run up and down trying to get out - when they get out they run up and down it trying to get back in. Strange birds to be sure.


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