Guineas keets keep dying... Help!

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Enno, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Enno

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    Jan 18, 2014
    We bought 10 guinea keets way back end of October, they were 2 weeks old and on the same day I bought 10 chickens that were 9 weeks old.
    We lost half the keets the first night because of the cold weather. I put them in a shallow trough with shavings and a heat lamp in the chicken barn and they jumped out and froze... BTW the Barn is enclosed... not exactly air tight but enclosed and the chickens run free in the barn and pen in the back of it.
    We brought them in and keep them inside in-till a few weeks ago when we put them back outside... We promptly lost another to cold and one had bad frost bite on its toes and lost that toe... We are down to 4 :(
    We live in Western NC and it is getting down to the teens at night and 30-40's PLUS during the day.
    Right now they are about 14 weeks old... How old do they need to be to survive in the chicken barn by themselves? they are fully feathered but they are small compared to my austrolorps.
    Any suggestions for keeping the rest alive? This is my first time with Guineas
    The Austrolorps are doing great in this weather and they do not pick on the guineas
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    Put the Austraplorps with the guineas, more bodies more heat. make sure that the trough is closed tight, guineas are not bright. Make sure you moniture the chickens and guineas for a couple of hours, Austraplorps are not aggressive by nature but need to make sure.

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