Guineas knocked unconcious

Okie Amazon

8 Years
Mar 22, 2011
Midwest City
Yet another example of guineas being of the stupidest creatures God created. We knew we were going to have big storms Tuesday. The Gov. even sent all us state employees home at 3pm. because the storms were due to come through about 5. I went home and started battening down the hatches on everybody - goats, calves, chickens and guineas. I managed to get all but three guineas caught up and put in a safe place, but those 3 would NOT be caught. Well, here comes the weather! I was watching out the back door when I saw the 3 of them blown across the back yard, then the hail started. One had enough brains to waddle over to a spool that the goats play on to take cover, but the other two just stood there and BAM! Next thing you know they are both just lying there! I grabbed my umbrella and ran out and brought them in. After a couple of minutes, they came to, screeching like banshees! Stupid, stupid birds. But they are entertaining!
LOL I can't imagine that cuz I don't get weather like that here, but how funny! They are lucky they didn't LOSE their heads instead of just being KO'd lol. As thick as their heads are at times there's not much scull up there to protect that peabrain of theirs
We have an expression around here for stupid. It's "roof guinea". See, when one of our guineas is on the roof and the rest are on the ground, there is a barrage of screeching and carrying on until SOMEBODY finally remembers that God blessed them with wings and they can fly down to join their friends. DOH!


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