Guineas laying soon have questions?


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Jul 23, 2010
i have some Guineas that are going to start laying i need to give them some food with more protein. is there anything i need to? like to know

thank you.
Sorry to dissapoint ya, but laying season is comming to an end till next feb or march,

As for feed if they are free range ,eating regular chicken feed will be ok for them.

Have fun with your eggs next year,i hatched out around 800 keets this year,and am looking foward to next years hatching
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thanks for reminding me i remember reading about that but it must of slipped my mined.
Wow, there has always been a demand for them around here, just wish I didn't live in town so I could have them. Don't think the neighbors would appreciate a bunch of screaming guineas!
I figured they would sell for a higher price than that, but if you have 800 I guess you just take what you can get!
Yes they sell for 4 dollars but i sell them in lots of 15 and they sell fast.

I have one guy that buys them by the 100's as well as chicks i hatch out, he resells them, ok by me we both make money and i have less people to deal with on weekends.
When I had them I never did. They were worth way more if I hatched them. Also mine were free range so each egg I found was like finding gold!
I know people who do eat them and some swear by them for baking. Their shells are very hard and I have dropped some accidentally and they didn't even crack.

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