Guineas pairing up


8 Years
Jun 13, 2015
How do guinea social dynamics work when guineas are pairing up? Last year, it seemed pretty obvious, all of my guineas paired up and that seemed simple. But this year (a few old guineas from last year, most of them are last year's hatch), out of 16 guineas, I have 1 set of 4 guineas, a trio, a few pairs, and then one lone female guinea. I am fairly certain she is not paired up because I have seen a lone guinea several times, no other guineas nearby, always a female, and she isn't calling for anyone.

So why would a female be alone? ....if anyone cares to speculate what happens in the mind of a guinea....
The 'mind of a Guinea fowl' ? Wouldn't dare to go there. It may be that there are not enough males to go around or perhaps for some reason she is not reproductive .

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