Guineas roosting question


Dec 6, 2018
I have guineas in an aviary, among other birds. We have wooden pole roosts set up in The corners of the aviary along with the halves of a metal hay bale cage for them to roost on. The guineas prefer to just sit on the cold rocks by the creek. One even sits in the water on a rock and his legs are i. The water. It is getting in the thirtys to twenties at night and we dont know what to do. Help please. Any suggestions will be tried.


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This sounds abnormal to me.
How old are they?
Most guineas prefer to roost on the highest branch. Do you see them on the roosts you have at any time during the day?
Can you try placing them up on the roosts after dark so they get the idea?
A guinea in the water all night is not right. Sounds like a bird to terriffied to move.


Oct 18, 2018
This does sound odd. What are the other birds that are in the aviary with them. Could the guineas be intimidated by them? Are you sure there is enough perch space? I agree with the person who said to bring in tree branches (lots of them). Use bungee cords or those "zip ties" to secure any that you think may fall (you can get them in packages at the Dollar Tree, if you can believe-over by night lights).

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