Guineas sitting on 20 or so Eggs in the woods.


8 Years
Nov 16, 2011
Eastern NY
Hey my buddies Guinea Hen is sitting in teh woods in a hollow log on about 20 Eggs, she has been at it for about two weeks now, she gets off to eat and goes right back, the three Males hang out most of the day with her up there. WHat are the chances of a hatch? if they do hatch what should he do?
I think a better way to phrase the question is what are the chances a predator won't get her
If she makes it all the way to the end, and doesn't get off the nest after just the first few keets hatch then I'd be willing to bet that she'll hatch out most of the keets, but a warm Hen and warm eggs smell really good to night time predators.
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If they do hatch what should he do? Should he move them all inside help feed them? this is all new to both of us thanks
We had a guinea hen sitting eggs in the tall grass. She too had been at it for about 2 weeks when I finally decided to move her. We put her in a small pen with a igloo dog house. She sat the eggs for maybe a day and then left them. I had to move them to the incubator in the house, they are hatching now. But I was scared to death she would be eaten by something or her eggs would have. Is there any way he can build a pen around her? That would keep her safe until she hatches them. Then once they hatch he will just have to watch. If the momma is good and keeps them warm and dry I would let her raise them. If not he will have to take them in and put them in a brooder to raise them.
She has her nes built in to a hillside on heavy brush in a rotted on tree, It would be real hard to build something around her. Guess he'll have to take his chances, it's been two weeks so he is almost halfway there.
Ok, I ll see if he can snap some Pic's. It's a neat little spot.

My Guineas lay eggs where ever they feel like, I find them all over.
So he was down to 8 eggs something took the rest one by one. One hatched a couple days ago but died two days later it seemed healhy. He did stick about 8 of my chicken eggs under her a week ago. she still has some Guinea eggs under her, do they hatch at different times? like I said only one of the guineas eggs has hatched are the rest not good? Thanks

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