Guineas with bumps above their noses


9 Years
Aug 30, 2010
Western Mass
I noticed tonight after lockup that a few of the males have wart like bumps above their the red colored tissue area. Is this normal or do I need to look them over more closely? Thanks
Well, they do have a little bump but none of mine have a Huge bump or anything.
Here is a picture of one of my males, and they all look like that.

(he has a cold, that's why he has that snot on his nose and his face is swollen)
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It's normal, if they are males... that's called the "cere", and is a helpful characteristic to look for/at when determining their sex when they have abnormal/incorrect or asymmetrical wattles. Only the males will develop this fleshy lump.
But if they are females it could be some sort of infection, or wound causing some swelling. Usually with swelling tho there is some type of discharge or they have gunked up/plugged nostrils and you can hear they have problems breathing.
Watch their behavior, if they shake their head a lot, or sneeze frequently then I'd catch one and check them out up close. My guess is that it's just the males in your flock are fully maturing tho.
I have a few males that have very prominent ceres. I'll try to get some profile pics of them tomorrow.
I'll have to get a picture of them this afternoon, if I can. It is not one bump, but a series of small wart like bumps above the nostrils. Mostly on the larger males.

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