Guineas with red legs and feathers coming out?


Poppy Creek Farm
10 Years
Mar 16, 2009
I have eight guinea keets, my first ever, split between two pens of chicks of a similar age - they're about 8 weeks i think. Last week, I gave everyone Wazine, and it never occurred to me that the guineas shouldn't have it. However, now their legs are very red and scaly and feathers are coming out on the tops of their heads, backs of their necks and a little under the wings. Their heads necks are also a little scabby, like they've been scratching. None of the chickens are showing signs of mites - which is what a first suspected it was - and have all been treated recently after a new bird brought in some red mite creepy crawlies.

They have recently also been moved to new pens, with some new-to-them birds, including my white silkie hen, who definitely got more than her fair share of the evil silkie gene.

Does anyone have any suggestions about whether this might be stress, bugs, the Wazine, or some other problem?

Like I said, they're my first guineas ever, and I am a little clueless about them. Poor babies.
The feathers coming out of their heads is normal, though I don't think they usually do that so young?? I'm not sure about the dry legs, what are you feeding them?
They're being raised with chicks, so I just feed them the regular medicated chick-starter (Purina) that I feed everyone. Is that OK for them?
I've heard yays and nays for that, I know they 'should' have higher protein, but if they've been eating it all along it shouldn't affect them. Maybe try giving them a little something extra to up their protein? That wouldn't hurt.

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