Gullotines and hypnotizing...


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
I'm still working myself up to the deed, and of course the biggest problem for me is dispatching the chicken. Now from the recesses of my memory, I recall a gadget like a guillotine! I found this part from an old 1970's Mother Earth News:

First, instead of using a chopping block and axe or the more expert commercial poultryman's method of sticking through the roof of the mouth, we use a gadget which looks like a miniature guillotine. This extremely humane device makes killing easy, sure and not messy.

...but that's all they said.

I'm pretty sure I'd chop off my finger, should I try an axe. I think quick and fast is more humane than slicing and bleeding the neck, so I really, REALLY like the idea of a triggered guillotine.

Anyone even hear of something like this and where I could get one? I've googled, to no avail.

...But I did find out how to hypnotize a chicken...anyone ever try that??

, the lurker
I have a friend who incredulously saw the hypnotism trick in the movie "Power of One" . He tried if for himself and now he does it to his chickens at parties to wow the guests.
Ever since I showed my 7 year old how to hypnotize a chicken he insists on showing everyone that comes within 50 feet of the property
He thinks he is magic. Oh the joys of being a child.
Which method does your 7 year old use? My experience with chickens, hands on, is probably below your 7 year old...

My plan is to hypnotize the chicken, then slip it in a cone, and then guillotine it!
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The only way I know to do it is to lay the chicken on its back on a flat surface. They will just lay there until you poke at them.
Cool! You should totally youtube him hypnotizing a chicken!

If any of our many handy folks here could make up my cone/guillotine, I bet they could sell ALOT of them to us city-fied (okay, suburban-fied) folk that are trying to be self sustaining! Especially if you live near an urban area, and put them up on Craigslist or something!

lol, and if any of you really DO this, I won't ask for royalties for the idea, just a free sample!
I had to dispatch my first meatie this week after she broke a leg. We made a make-shift killing cone out of a flower-pot by cutting a hole in the bottom, wrapped her gently in a shirt and hung her through it. Her eyes closed and she went completely limp the second we put her upside down in it. It looked like she was completely passed out.
I wasn't confident about cutter her throat so we used really sharp loppers (like what you use to cut off tree branches).
It worked like a charm. I was REALLY scared about hurting her but it was incredibly fast.
I've heard that, and tried it, but it didn't work on my chickens. They just looked at me, indignantly, until I let go, then they leaped up and took off.
Ah, thanks Fuzzbot, that sounds like a good alternative if a guillotine doesn't make it's way MY way!

Well, darnitall, Dancingbear, it would just be my luck that my birds will probably end up like your birds!
Ok, I beleive I came across this when I was looking up candling on u Tube.

Well...When I explained to my dh that you could hypnotize a chicken...This look came over his face that I have never seen before...

When we were getting ready to dispatch our first..I said "wait...let me try "hypnotizing" it...It Worked..I couldn't beleive it!!!!!

Never did it again..It was neat that it worked...whatever happens to them when you do that...

I also mentioned it to our friend who delivers our hay....He gave me that Same Look.....Like the look I guess someone would give you when there thinking...Oh Yes, She's finally lost it!!! There are several differant ones on U Tube


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