guniea fowl as a meat bird ? and laying problems ?


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Jan 6, 2009
hi all iv just dispatched my first fowl and was wondering if the fat around the meat should be yellow ?

and i have three more that should be laying but arnt ?

my setup is a nice run with house at the end with perches .

thay are fed on grass cuttings (once aweek ) mixed corn (only as a treat) and layers mash
as there main feed .

thay are about a yr old and when i got them thay ware laying but have since stopped.

that is the same color in my guineas. marinate it in some redwine and garlic and hold on for some of the best bird you have ever eaten. btw, what time should i be over for dinner!?!
also, guineas need a high protein ration like turkey feed 25% protein. they are mainly bug eaters. that is how they get their protein in the wild. that is probably your problem.

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Guinea is really tasty. With the ones more than a year old I crockpot them overnight with onions and garlic, bay leaves, whatever are your favorite spices. Then serve it with rice or noodles, mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum.

And layers mash it around 17% protein isn't it? They need around 22-24%.

Also, they are seasonal layers, they stop laying by autumn. Possibly earlier if it's too hot? But I'm only guessing on that.
wow thanks for the replays .so much info thanks

iv got sum growers pellets that are 19% so ill stick them on that for now .
i was wondering if thay ware egg bound as there was a great big think pieace of yellow fat right in fron of it's vent .

but it seem wrong diate and with it being really hot at the mo i take it all these and the fact iv only had them four weeks could have sum thing to do with it .m

i roasted my fowl last night with garlic fresh rosmary and lemons. very tasty.

thanks once again for your help.m
hay all just an update iv bin getting one egg from two hens for last to days so hopefully i'll be getting two aday soon ,

thanks for all your help.m

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