Gurgle/clacking when breathing

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    Mar 15, 2017
    St Malo Manitoba
    Hey chicken lovers, I have a cuckoo hen (coincidentally named gurgle because of her strange cluck) and a buff orp roo who both began gurgling when breathing. The hen was patient zero. I quarantined them both and administered .5 and .7 cc's of penicillin (respective to their weight) for two days. Today is day three. I know mess take a bit to work but the roo is sounding much much better, and the hen is sounding worse. Her cluck has improved but her gurgle is very loud. Roo's crow has gotten stronger.
    So I will continue the four days of penicillin, I also have blended garlic and probiotic drops in their water. But I also have water soluable tetracycline and am wondering if I should be starting two days of it in their water if this doesn't work? Not sure what to do....

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