gurgling, lethargic tail down..HELP!

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    We have a RIR rooster, 4 golden comets. They are almost a year old. Everything has been great with them so far, raised them as chicks etc. Well my husband built onto the coop but had that section blocked off and bought 3 new Dominique hens Saturday and put in there. Later that day after the sale, one hen was gurgling and in a panic he got rid of it so the rest of the flock would not get what she had. We are new chicken owners and he didn't know what to do. Well, the other Dominiques seemed to be fine and against my insistance to leave the area closed off he decided to go ahead and open the area so the hens could intereact and go back and forth. Well Sunday one of the original comets was acting strange to me...sitting around, tail down...then I heard it sneeze and I knew it had caught whatever the other had. Now all of the comet hens but one are making gurgling noises, sneezing, laying around or walking with drooped tails etc. We started them Sunday on an antibiotic tetracycline that dissolves in the water, the Dominiques were started on the antibiotic Saturday. The other two Dominiques that came with the sick chicken are fine! It doesn't make sense...maybe they are immune? Don't know what else to do...they are still eating and drinking.

    I have a parrot and parakeets inside the house and I am letting my husband take care of them outside and I just take care of the birds inside so there will hopefully be no cross lots of prayers...these birds are my babies...especially the parrot.

    Is there anything besides this antibiotic treatment that we can do for them? Any foods that will help? I heard that oatmeal would be good...and apple cider vinegar..but the antibiotics are in their water...not sure how to do that.

    Husband cleaned out the coop and blocked the area off where the new sick chicken brought home was initially. :/

    I'm even having bad dreams about stuff happening to them. Ugh...they are more like family pets that supply good eggs than just any ol animal. There's not a vet around that deals with chickens...just the feed stores with antibiotics and their experience. I guess we could take a dropping to the dept of ag in town...they do analysis of that kind of thing right?
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    There is a Poultry Medicine Chart on my site linked in my sig that may give you some helpful info to explore about meds, as well as links to diagnosis aids, etc.

    Best wishes with your dear bird friends!

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