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Jan 14, 2009
I thought we could talk about our favorite characters here.

Mine is Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou.

First, she's ultra cute. Secondly, she's a book person. Third, she is adorably moe, what with the fact that she's sickly. Fourth, she's incredibly powerful. Fifth, she is very smart. Sixth, she has the best theme in the games. Seventh, she is elegant.

*glomps Patchouli* She's gonna get taken home!
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I think my favorite character is Gritsar. She has a great sense of humor in spite of some rough things going on in her life. She seems to be able to make some good decisions since she apparently got a keeper for a husband. We'll not discuss some of her other decisions. That was the important one. She honestly cares for other people, not just relatives. She seems to be able to accept other people for what they are, not what she wishes they were. She tells some great stories and is active enough in life to have interesting things happen to her. She even thinks some of my posts are funny, even when they are at her expense. Yep, my favorite character has to be Gritsar.
My favorite character is Mother Abigail. She is from the book, The Stand.

My favorite cartoon character is Eliza Thornberry. She talks to animals, need I say more.

My favorite TV character is Gibbs - NCIS. Everyone should have a Gibbs for a daddy.

My favorite movie character is Jason Bourne. Don't think I need to explain that one.
Gibbs is awesome. "Don't look at me, I think he should shoot you."

All time favorite movie character is... Wow. I can't decide. I liked Josey Wales (Clint Eastwood. 'nuff said.). Also really enjoyed most of the Lord of the Rings characters, though they're better in the books. Main characters in The Patriot and I Am Legend were great, too. Jack Sparrow - sorry, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow - is actually probably my favorite.

Favorite game character is a tough one, too. Tough choice between Master Chief, Michael Ford (The Conduit), and Samus Aran.

Favorite TV character, well, I don't watch TV that much.
My favorite character is from WoW, Magatha Grimtotem. Her ties to the Forsaken make for a very interesting jump off point to create one's own storyline.

Q9 picked the best Movie character, Captain Jack Sparrow!
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