Guys, I messed up. I thought it would be fun to get an assortment but almost five weeks I still don’t know what breeds I have. It’s driving me crazy.


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May 11, 2020
Hey all!
So, I’m a first time chicken owner and I thought it would be super fun to get a variety of chickens and see what breeds I liked best. So I went with a rare breed assortment from Meyers hatchery. I’ve scoured these forums for weeks and I’m still having trouble identifying a few of my chicks. I’d appreciate any help you guys can provide. The chicks have a hatch date of May 11th and they’re supposedly “rare breeds” and I did get a free meal maker chick which I assume could be anything. They’re all supposed to be pullets.

The first chick in question is this gray one. I’m also starting to suspect that she might be a cockerel instead of a pullet. Her comb is larger and looks like it’s starting to redden. I was thinking she is maybe some sort of Marans? I have two chicks I’ve identified as Blue Andalusian Chicks and this one definitely looks different and is less talkative than the two blues are.

The next chick looks like the one above but is splash instead of gray and has a smaller comb. Marans? Splash Andalusion? Something else? An egger?

The third chick looks a lot like the Blue Andalusians but is quieter and has slightly different coloring. Another Anadalusian?


I’m wondering if Meyers sent me almost all Blue/Black/Splash Andalusians in a chick rare breed assortment which is definitely not what I intended. I also ordered an Easter egger and they did send what I think is a Barnevelder in the assortment of 5 + the meal maker.
The Barnvelder.
Meyers description of the rare breeds.

Assorted Rare Breed Chicks
Spice up your flock with Meyer Hatchery’s Assorted Rare Breed Chickens. When ordering 5 or more chicks, you will receive at least five (5) different breeds of our rare egg layer day old chicks at a fraction of the cost. Possible breeds include: Ancona, Andalusian, Wyandotte, Delaware, Dominique, Jersey Giant, Brahma, Partridge Rock, Light Brown Leghorn, Hamburg, Sussex, German Spitzhauben Appenzeller, Buckeye, Sumatra, Cochin, Polish, Marans, Faverolles, Welsummer, Exchequer Leghorn, Sultan, Ameraucana, Blue and Lavender Orpington, Heritage Barred Plymouth Rock, Mottled Houdan, Easter Eggers, Lakeshore Eggers, Green Queens, and others as they are added to our rare breed offerings. Different colors of the same breed will be counted as separate varieties.

Any ideas? Or do I just need to be patient and wait until they’re grown?


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May 11, 2020
Chicken no. 1 looks to be a Lavender Orpington. And a probable boy.
I haven't a clue about the rest.
Oh, I hadn’t considered Orpington to be an option! I’m not quite sure why. They do have blue, black, splash and lavender at Meyers. I think he looks a bit more blue than lavender though maybe. My son will be super happy that we have a boy.


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