Guys or Gals?

La Banan

11 Years
May 28, 2008
here are some pics of my flock - we think we know what some of them are but perhaps you all could help...




Thanks Kelly - yep we thought those bottom two were roosters. The white one is supposed to be a Columbian Rock though. hmmm...
Where on EARTH did you get those Barred Rocks?!

Going clockwise on the top picture, starting at the Wyandotte:

1. Golden-Laced Wyandotte (Pullet?)
2. Rhode Island Red, but could be Buckeye depending on the comb. (Pullet)
3. Almost looks like a Cornish with that large breast, but going to say Golden-Laced Wyandotte. (Cockerel)
4. Barred Rock Cockerel (awesome looking bird! I WANT HIM!)
5. Looks like another Barred Rock Cockerel, but it's difficult to see the comb and wattle development because of the lighting.
6. Looks like Black Australorp. (Pullet)

Next Picture:
Speckled Sussex (Pullet)

Next Picture:
Columbian Rock OR Deleware (Cockerel)

Delaware cock:

Columbian Rock:

Last picture:
Barred Rock (Cockerel)
Where on EARTH did you get those Barred Rocks?!

Hi Mikarod - hmmmm... I got the Barred Rocks at Circle Pond Farm, Chester Basin, Nova Scotia. If any of them are guys and I think all three are - you may have them! argghh - they are awfully pretty eh?

I got them all as day olds but the Barred Rocks were the only ones that young - the others were probably week olds in actuality. We love the Columbian Rock which is the offspring of a prize winner here in Nova Scotia BUT we don't want any guys. We may have to bend our own rule for him as he is a real character. The other one we are mad for is the one you call a speckled sussex which was sold to me as a gl wyandotte cross - I was supposed to get two others that were speckled but they turned out to be RIR's which I now have four of and am pretty sure they are all gals. so my pretty ones are males and my plain janes are gals except for Dearie, the speckled one. We also love the black one - the australorp - very dear temperment... oh heck we like them all. The RIRs are really adventurous and I like that...

Thanks for your help...
jan la banan

ps - when are you coming to Nova Scotia to pick up your cockerels?
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oh come on Mikarod! Don't let a little thing like a few thousand miles get between you and a charming barred rock named Marion (they're all named Marion - the barred rocks that is)! You can put up at our place and we'll give you a fine Bluenose welcome with lobster and dark rum. This is real God's country here or as I like to say Buddha country - beautiful and varied. So hop on your bike and come on up.
Jan la banan

If only, if only the woodpecker sighed...LOL! I would love some of that rum and lobster! bike and I do NOT get along with each other at all!

I have a feeling international trade laws might intercept me at the border...LOL! I'll just have to admire them from afar...and CURSE you for it! ARG! Now I see where all the Barred Rocks are that I'm looking for! lol!
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