Gypsy face genetics

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    Below are some pics of sumatra x american game crosses of various blends. Is it too young to guess that the light faced, yellow beaked chicks will be red faced and the one black faced and black beaked chick and the blue black beaked chick might be gypsy faced? WHile Im at, the black chick with the white feathers on his wing is this spangling (middle pic)?

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    The one in the back on the first pic appears to be gypsy faced, but even ones that start with dark faces can lighten over time. You'll know for sure when it's more mature, if it will stay that way. It does appear the one chick has spangling, but it is not unusual for black chicks to get some white feathering in their early plumage. This eventually moults out and they turn out completely black. Again, time will tell. Thanks for sharing your pics. The birds look so curious in the 3rd pic. Cute!

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