Ha..So everyone might get a kick out of this...Indoor Hen lol


9 Years
Sep 8, 2010
So I have a little Red Pyle Old Engligh Bantam hen. She was very sick this fall because she got mites really bad, she quit eating and I wanted to keep an eye on her so I put on the back porch. I had to trim her beak becasue it was long, maby from not eating??? Not really sure on that one...

After a day or so weather was getting cold and I was worried she would not make it overnight one night so I put her in a dog crate and put her in the extra room in my house. The next few days were crappy but when the weather was nice so I put her back out side. She threw a fit!! She was screaming (and she is the quietest hen I have ever met) she would not eat and was destroying her pen. I put her back in with the other bantams and she just sat in the same corner for 3 days. I had tried putting food and water by her and she barely ate and drank. So I put her on the back porch and the same thing happened (she threw a fit). After 2 days of that the weather got cold and she would not eat so I put her back in the house....She was so happy....

As soon as she was put in her cage she went right over to her food dish and ate great! Same food that she has always gotten. Winter came so she has just stayed in the house in her cage....She laied her first egg of the year today and I was excited lol.

Shes a fully little girl... Never says anything...shes super tiny and cute too...my mom named her DOVE. We clean her pen weekly just like all the other animals. She is cleaner than the parakeets I used to have too lol. I still have to trim her beak like every month and a half though. So what do you all think, leave her in the house come spring or try to put her back with the other bantams??

Also does anyone have any ideas to help keep her beak down so I dont have to trim it all the time??
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Ha Thats for sure!! She is spoiled!!

I had to trim her beak because for some reason it does not wear properly and it gets very long. My boss told me he trimmed his old hens beaks with dog nail trimmers, I use a petty paw thing...I have also heard of people using dremmels. Just have to be careful to not take too much off! IDK why but it just does not wear down like it should.
soooo funny!

my advice, give her what she wants!
as for the beak some just need it trimmed
Sounds like Dove has a great life there with you and your family.. As they get older some chicken's beaks as well as their toe nails will get too long. I use dog nail clippers on mine also.

As far as house chickens, they are great. Several people on here have them.

I have a little serama roo that lives indoors. He watches t.v. with me and even naps on the couch with me. Better company than a dog..

By the way I like the picture of the cow in your avatar. Is it a miniature?
I had one of my girls living in my kitchen in a dog kennel for a month postop crop surgery. I actually really enjoyed having her in the house with me. She always wanted to be out "foraging" in the kitchen and she liked hanging out with us. She used to sit on the back of my office chair while I was on the computer. I could have kept her in the house longer but my husband insisted she go back outside. She used to follow me around everywhere and ask for treats. She got along well with my dog and cat. She does seem pretty happy back out with her flock, though. If your girl is happier with you inside, then keep her inside!

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