Had 2 babies hatch thought they were girls, but that is ok

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10 Years
Jul 27, 2009
Eastern Shore, VA
I had 2 babies hatch out on April and they are 7 weeks old. thought for sure they were girls because read on here that the girls feathers are more rounded and the boys are more pointy. Well guess what I heard this morning. Yep you guessed it. Daisey crowed. It kinda freaked me out. and wasn't sure what the world it was, thought my geese were makind some different sounds this morning.

He is a Delaware(daddy)/EE (momma). I thought she was gorgeous and was excited, but now that Daisey is a Duke then I am still excited. How can that be? No clue but I just am:))
You may want to post a pic in the gender section for confirmation from others.I will tell you I have had several pullets scare me with what I thought was a crow, turned out they were just immitating my rooster LOL.
Mandalina - Oh now that would be ok if it was just making noise. I don't want to get to many roos. 2 is plenty, but one is tearing up my girls and it is driving me nuts. The only thing is that they have been in my garage and not out with the big chickens. But I guess their hearing is pretty good and they can hear my other 2 roos crow.

Does anyone know how to post a picture on here? thanks in advance if you can help me:)
The pointy feather ends you look for usually begin to emerge around 9 weeks around the hackle (back of the neck) and saddle (on back before the tail). You can part the feathers there to look for them beginning to sprout. Before then you can often tell who is a roo by their redder/bigger combs, earlier emerging wattles, & thicker shanks (the skin-covered part of the legs). Some young cockerels will begin to crow as early as 7 weeks, sounding like real amateurs, others at that age will start hogging the TV remote.
that is the thing. neither of my babies April or Daisy (Duke) have very little comb. It is so confusing. And yep April was 7 weeks yesterday and Daisey or (Duke) will be 7 weeks tomorow. The Momma just left them yesterday and went back to the big coops and just left them in the garage. It was kinda sad, but now maybe they will become a little more friendly. I tried to put them in with my 2 geese but the geese totally freaked out and tried to escape through the pen holes, so I took baby out and everybody settled down. Thankfully.
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