Had a horrible dream last night


10 Years
Sep 18, 2009
Milano, TX
I dreamed that I took all the eggs from under my broody into my bedroom on the bed so I could candle. I had them all on the bed in a pile and I Had to jump up to go deal with the kids and it caused too much movement, so all the eggs rolled apart...and then quickly back to the pile where they all cracked! I started to cry! LOL Because I knew DH wouldn't let me try again with more silkie eggs. LOL So I tried to saran wrap around the egg to keep it contained...
Then I woke up...and breathed a sigh of relief...and I will NOT be candling. Mama bird can take care of the eggs herself. LOL
Wow, I had one of the most realistic dreams about a zombie apocalypse. I have also had dreams of chicks hatching, and would wake up happy and never get chicks to hatch.

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