Had a laparoscopic appendectomy; need insight from those with experience

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    Ok, 3 weeks ago I had an emergency laparoscopic appendectomy. I feel much better now but I still am having a fair amount of pain associated with one of the incision sites. I have mentioned it twice to my doc (really not impressed with him). Both times he examined the incision, had me cough, decried that I didn't have a hernia so I should be fine. He doesn't get why I am in pain and at this point I am doubting he believes it is as strong as it is. Both of my checkups with him were under 10 minutes.

    This is the 'big' incision, about an inch long over my left hip. It hurts whenever I do a sit-up motion; getting out of bed in the morning I have to roll out instead of sitting up and if I lay back in a chair too far it hurts to sit forward. It also has more scar tissue under the incision site than the other two. I can feel a lump, probably 5x as much as the other two. Part of me is concerned it may have something to do with my blood clotting disorder (factor V Leiden, the mildest form but basically my blood clots a bit faster than normal but not significantly so)

    Anyone have any idea what is causing this? The other two incisions don't hurt at all at this point. I tried googling it but I can't figure it out.

    Any insight is appreciated! If I could afford a different doc right now I would get one but shy of that you all are my best shot for figuring it out.
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    I would worry about infection as my first concern, since the other two sites healed ok. The other thing is he could have gone through a particular muscle (or around which is more often the case) in that specific area and it is taking longer to heal, but I don't know why you would have a bump there. Is the incision site warm? Oozing? Crusty?

    My other thought is he did a bad job stitching you back up and maybe didn't connect the subcutaneous fascia properly (I'm assuming that layers are stitched together separately in human medicine also, but I'm not a 100% sure)

    I would definitely get a second opinion, but if you are worried at all about infection (Which at this point, I probably would be) I would suggest either an appointment TOMORROW or a trip to the ER.
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    Could be that you formed a hematoma under there.
    It's definitely localized to the incision? No purulent drainage or redness around the incision?

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