Had a scare last night with neighbors chicken


13 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
Last night about 9 my neighbor and her daughter came over in tears. Seems one of their chickens was missing. They dont lock up til well fter dark. I have told them repeatly that is not good cause preditors often get chickens at dusk. Well anyway I am in my pj's and they are on my porch crying. Becca said the people behind them, who doesnt really care for chickens were saying stuff to their dog who was barking like hey boy did you get a chicken, so she is thinking the chicken got over the fence and the dog got her. So off I got in the dark to look. To make a long story short we found her stuck between the fence and the coop. After a little bit we were able to get her freed and she laid us a beautiful blue egg there for our efforts. Guess from now on they will be locking up earlier. Good thing it was dark. Me out there in my shory pjs crawling around looking for a chicken.
wouldnt want a picture of that going around.

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