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  1. I took my wifes Blue and Gold Parrot in for her tri yearly toe manicure. I spoke with the vet about getting some Baytril. He told me that he will not despense this without seeing whatever it is to be used on. He told me that if the absolute correct weigth of the animal, the duration of treatment and the type of bird it will be used on is not presented, it is not recommended AT ALL. He said Baytril is a very potent antibiotic, reserved to treat the worst of cases. He was very ocncerned about resistance to the drug. Strong words from a country vet in a small town. He also cautioned me about Tylosin. If this is used on chickens, it is an "off label" application and he strongly reserves this type of treatment becuase of the resistance issue. He said it is bad enough that people are treating thier poultry with the tetracycline type antibiotics. He said a strick regament for treatment should be followed.
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    Cool. Thanks for hte info, we will keep note of those 2 meds [​IMG]
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    That goes for ANY antibiotics. Most are over used, and mis used as "preventative", or "oh no a sneeze" type care. That is a big reason why antibiotic resistance is so bad. Couple resistance of bacteria in one bird with the fact that antibiotic resistance genes can be passed between different strains and types of antibiotics, and that one bird you treated could make the family of antibiotics useless to your whole family human and animal when you really need it.

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