had chicks separated in incubator with canvas mesh, two jumped the fences in with my favorite egg -

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    Aug 14, 2010
    I had set some black copper marans eggs and I separated them in lockdown by egg color. There were two eggs where the color was not good, and I probably shouldn't have set them, but I also thought it might just be a time in the hen's cycle where the eggs were lighter but they were only about as dark as a RIR. Well, fast forward to this morning, my favorite egg hatched last night (dark with speckles) and two neighbors jumped in with it. One from an also good batch of eggs, but the second was from the poor egg color section. My question is, I can tell right now which one is my favorite egg's chick because they haven't fluffed out yet, is there any other identifying characteristics I can use to keep this one identified? Like eye liner or something? Is it always the same or do different chicks have more or less of it? Right now it looks like this one has more of it, but when they fluff out will it look the same as the others?

    I could take the others out of the incubator but I'm on day 21 and I'm afraid some of the chicks might get shrink-wrapped...

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