Had to cull baby. RIP


In the Brooder
8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
Denton, Texas
I have been a chick momma for 10 days and had to cull baby this morning. Ok hubby did it but still, sadness is the same. Approximately 6 days ago it began showing symptoms of wry neck. Holding head upside down, walking backwards, going in circles. The symptoms were severe and sudden. I immediately researched on this fabulous website and ran to Wal-Mart at midnight for Poly-vi-sol, no iron. Began treatment hoping for any sign of improvement. I separated her, from her 3 sisters as she would just lay in the brooder getting ran over. Today she was worse and was significantly smaller than her siblings, starting to have labored breathing and did not want to prolong the discomfort any longer.
Halmar, same thing happened to me last year. One of my chicks , same thing, severe and sudden. I had to do it too. Save it from suffering. It's never easy.

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