Had to hang another roost for the duck...

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    I mean, the chicken, who thinks she's a duck. This little Silver Spangled Hamburg pullet, is a riot. I had a rabbit hutch inside the duck house for the 3 babies, two call ducks and the Hamburg, she's too young to go with the big girls, though she's about 8 weeks old. The ducklings are about 4 weeks. I now have 3 pullet chicks in the brooder, but too young to be her friends. She loves those ducks, anyways.

    Started the introduction process, and that went well with the 3 big ducks. Yesterday I pulled the rabbit hutch out since they quit sleeping in it. Made a mental note to give the chicken a roost, told husband, and we both forgot.

    Tonight when I went to lock them up at near dark, she was standing around in the run calling to me. I went and got her (she also LOVES human attention) and took her inside. I found a piece of fallen tree, just the right size for a corner roost. Had husband get his screw gun.

    So I'm sitting there holding this branch in place, and that little pullet new exactly what it was for. But instead of flying on it, she flies on top of my head. Husband walks back in, to me sitting there with the roost in place and a chicken on my head. [​IMG]

    We get it in place and I set her on it, and she settled in quite pleased with it. So, the little pullet has her own place to sleep in the duck house.

    She's such a riot! Those little call ducks were mad that she was up high, but they settled in surprisingly near the almost grown girl ducks.

    At some point I need to convince her she needs to buddy up with the other pullets and put her in the chicken side. She can't sit pool side forever with those ducks! I gave her a pan of sand in the duck run so that she could dust bathe while the ducks swim. She's figured out exactly how to be a chicken while living with ducks. But she shows no inclination or desire to live with the chickens.

    With "her" ducks... who were hatched by a broody hen, so perfectly happy to have a chicken to run with.


    See? She'll sit poolside.

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  2. ouracrybaby

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    Jun 21, 2011
    She makes a perfect duck. Thanks for the story. Made me smile.
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    Dec 22, 2009
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    I had a pair of muscovy/mallard mules raised by a bantam who never figured out that they were ducks. They spent their entire lives hanging out with the chickens.
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    Apr 20, 2011
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    She's cute.
    What an adorable story. >_<
  6. SIMPleChick

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    Mar 10, 2011
    LOL! Sooooo cute! We will need more updates now from the chick who thinks she is a duck! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    May 13, 2010
    Looks like a duck to me...after all it's what we are on the INSIDE that counts,right? [​IMG]

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    They are quite happy with the current arrangement, but when those boys get older, they're going to have intentions and I don't want the little chicken involved in that. So at some point she'll need to switch from duck to hen.
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    How cute.

    You will be glad it is a hen later on.
    i have a roo that was raised with a duck hatch and he thinks he is a duck.
    He tries to breed the ducks not the chickens,hanges out with the ducks and keeps watch for preditors.
    We named him Frank-lee i am a duck ,Frank for short [​IMG]

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