Had to hatch the chick..


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7 Years
Apr 16, 2012
I gave it 24 hours by itself.. I could not here in making noise so I decided to open it to see if she was still alive. She ended up being alive. I made her a good size hole and put her in my incubator. 3- 4 hours later she had not done anything. So I hatched her myself. She was really weak. Could not hold her head up or make noise. nothing. Today is day 3 with her. She is walking, making noise, everything a normal chick would do except eating and drinking by herself. I have had trouble getting her to eat wet food. What else could I try giving her. How do I teach her to eat and drink by herself??
Dip her beak in water to encourage her to drink. For eating I usually take a bit of food and drop it in front of the chick, a bit like mom does. You may have to keep at it for awhile to get her interested. I guess mom's clucking sounds help!
You can also add some vitamins to her water to give her a boost. Good luck!

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