Had to re-home two chickens

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    Aug 15, 2010
    I had a very sick chicken in the house for over 2 weeks, when she was well enough I put her back out with the girls. Everyone was happy to see her but Thelma. Since my recovering girl Lola had lost a LOT of weight she didn't stand a chance against the bully so I put the bully inside for a week. No change. She had to go but I didn't want to send her out to her new home alone so her buddy who is also a bully and her right hand hen went with her. Funny, they are both wyandottes. They are going from a small flock of 5 to a HUGE flock of 30+ chickens at my friends house. Here they were spoiled rotten, there, they will be just one of many. Let's see how much of a bada** they are now!

    Now that opens up space for 3 new babies I've already ordered that will be here in June. I've got another EE, a Black Austerlope and a Maran ordered. I can't wait!!
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    Dec 23, 2011
    Good luck with your new girls in June [​IMG]

    Sorry to hear you had a couple of bullies who couldn't readjust - boy, are they in for a shock when they are just one or two in a sea of 30+

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